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单词 pAir 前加哪个介词

pair 后面加介词of,前面只加a或数词加pairs of;如:three pairs of shoes(三双鞋);a pair of glasses(一副眼镜)

a pair of 是固定词组, 一副 ,一对的意思

in on up down by away off beside in the front of 还有很多,做阅读的时候就会明白了

for about and of for

因为裤子是穿上的, 脚在裤子内, 所以介词用 in The girl in red dress. The man in white shirt.

i am going to buy a pair (OF)shoes (FOR)school.

Can you get a pair of shoes for me? a pair of是固定搭配。

例如:two bottles of milk are on the table.主语是瓶子 Listening to music 整个是分词短语作主语

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