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If you love a person so much, it is enough to keep friends, cause friends will always be with you in your life .do not expect too much.The lust of men must not be overdone,or you are going to lose the person you love .

We can judge someone's character on observing his or her behavior

on cuts的on就是一般意义的介词,government's announcement on 政府关于什么的声明,cuts前省略了budget,本身cuts是“削减”的意思,这里意指“预算削减”。 据说这家医院快关门了,因为之前政府刚宣布要削减它的预算。

I graduated from Zhongnan University, a magnificent school near the Yuelu Mountain where I've spent four wonderful years. During the four years, I found out the best way to study and to live; the way to share the happiness of s...

Every day without you is like a book without pages.

Let success become the necessary part of growth.

I have sent up my documents, luckily, I know that all the documents have been sent back to them except mine. I have handed in my documents, forturnately, I know that all the documents have been returned to them except mine.

真高兴看到你手术成功,而且又来到了北京。只是你真该早点告诉我你搬到了我家附近,我们可以早点开始一起喝酒和玩骰子。 Glad to see your operation is successful, and came to Beijing. But you really should have told me you moved to nea...

I'm glad to get your praise,Thank you. 很高兴,谢谢你的赞美 解析 1.这句话的谢谢在口语中一般放在后面 2.praise [preiz]读作:普热斯 n. 赞扬;称赞;荣耀;崇拜 vt. 赞美,歌颂;表扬

My life is just once, why not live better?

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