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2016年1月11日 January 11, 2016

美式:(常用) January 11,1999 January 11th,1999 Jan. 11,1999 英式: 11 January 1999 11 Jan.1999

我们在1月11号见面 We meet on January 11

十一月的英文缩写是Nov.,全称是November。 词汇分析音标:英 [nə(ʊ)'vembə] 美 [no'vɛmbɚ] 释义:十一月 短语2 November 月2日 in November 在十一月 ; 在十一月份 ; 月份 ; 十一月份 November Sky 十一月的天空 ; 十...

November the first, 2016 November 1st, 2016

he plans to do the reasonable,effective,profitable investment Investing in stocks is a risky investment we are writing the book on teaching the young how to manage the money we have tried all the possible means collecting is a ...

白羊座3.21-4.19火象星座 金牛座4.20-5.20土象星座 双子座5.21-6.21风象星座 巨蟹座6.22-7.22水象星座 狮子座7.23-8.22火象星座 处女座8.23-9.22土象星座 天秤座9.23-10.23风象星座 天蝎座10.24-11.22水象星座 射手座11.23-12.21火象星座 摩羯座...

Everybody is good. The attachment is all before 30 November business plan. Please check. 11/17 started a travel plan please tickets within this week. Please observe the trip a week ago must set Provides a good ticket.

11月10日出发,明年1月10日回来 set off on November the tenth ,come back on January the tenth next year

中国北京朝阳区常营中路富力阳光美园小区11号楼1单元2101。 Constant camping ground leaves the middle of Beijing r&f sunshine beautiful garden district building 1 unit 11, 2101.

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