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be caught in 陷入,卷入 例句: We were caught in the storm and got drenched. 我们遇上大雨全都被浇透了。 If you take over Dora's job, you are sure to be caught in the middle. 如果接替多拉的工作,你一定会被搞得进退两难。 be stuck i...

trapped是trap的形容词也是trap的过去式和过去分词。 be trapped是被动语态 例句(英英字典) The terrorist was trapped by the police at the airport Mary felt trapped ina boring job. I was trapped into signing a confession. Peter had...

be stuck in 困住;陷于。强调“以粘注卡住等方式”受困。 be trapped in:陷于困境。侧重“以诱捕、陷落等方式受困。 与第一个一般可通用。 be locked in :被锁住;对变化不敏感的。突出“思维、思路受限制而囿于某范围”。

如果是在洞里就是in, 不是的话用with也可以


At the end of the month he is trapped in financial trouble。

be trapped in 指陷入困境 They were trapped in the burning building. be caught in 指突然遭受 She was caught in an traffic accident. be lost in 指全神贯注;沉浸于 I was lost in thought.

be trapped (被动短语,意思是被困,陷入困境) by (副词) 所以意思是被...困 例句: The mouse is (be) trapped by a mouse trap. 译:那只老鼠被捕鼠器逮住了(这里trap有逮着的意思)


engage in 意为"参与,从事",用于肯定语气中,多表达的是"主动地参与" 如 Companies shall engage in business activities within their registered scope of business.(公司应当在登记的经营范围内从事经营活动.)该动词短语一般在使用时与主语之...

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