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CoorDinAtion 和 CoopErAtion

coordination 协调 cooperation 合作 在博弈理论中它们所强调的不是同一件事,但并不相互排斥. coordination game 协调博弈,强调在博弈过程中参与各方使用某种相对一致的策略,以达到共赢为目的.参与者可以是个人或团队. cooperation game (or coo...


in cooperation with 与…合作 In cooperation with the new owners and some cattle farmers, live cattle and beefcarcass grading schemes were introduced at the Kampala slaughterhouse owned byUganda Meat Industries a local company. ...

coordination 协调cooperation 合作在博弈理论中它们所强调的不是同一件事,但并不相互排斥.coordination game 协调博弈,强调在博弈过程中参与各方使用某种相对一致的策略,以达到共赢为目的.参与者可以是个人或团队.cooperation game (or coopera...

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