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is going to went to swimming

原题: her sister is from ( )japanese 填: Japan 原因: Japanese 是日语的意思。from(来自)后面需要一个国家名,所以用Japan。 2.are not 3.are

1.This Japanese is his sister's friend 2.Are you form China?Yes,I am. 3.where are your students? 4.Are they in your classroom?


themselves teach oneself sth 自学的意思。 听我的,没错。

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Where does his sister live ? ******************************************************************* 加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请及时采纳,谢谢! *******************************************************************

My sister doesn't have long hair. Where is your friend from? 祝你更上一层楼,有不懂的可以再问哦

were 主语复数,过去式 第一时间为你解答, 如有帮助,敬请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

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