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限时专送 不明白可以追问我,满意的话请点击【采纳】

when could you make a delivery 全部释义和例句>> 你什么时候能交货 delivery 英[dɪˈlɪvəri] 美[dɪˈlɪvəri, -ˈlɪvri] n. 分娩; 传送,投递; [法] (正式) 交付; 讲演;

(倒退)your vehicle or you are making a local delivery(发送)or collection ...Make sure these circumstances(情形)apply to you before you decide not to ...


they will place order with them, and also confirm the delivery time within...notice the Dutch party to pay the rest balance, and make import documents...

D.speech. make a speech to sb. (向某人做演讲)。 make conversation with sb. (和某人闲谈conversation常与下列动词搭配: get (enter) into conversation with (和......攀谈起来), have a conversation with (与......谈话), interr upt (br...

你们自己能办理托收吗?Collection在外贸函电里是托收的意思。 托收(Collecting) 是出口人在货物装运后,开具以进口方为付款人的汇票(随附或不随付货运单据),委托出口地银行通过它在进口地的分行或代理行代出口人收取货款一种结算方式。属...

The delivery date of hand shank is still waiting for reply from supplier and i will notify you once I get any updated status.

ABAP programed could make one new layout type to convert such note to PDF file. This is SAP standard function. 查看原帖>>

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